No matter what time you need us we're available because if you're working, we're working..

We're not just building the #1 real estate company...  We're building careers in real estate!


RE/MAX offers the most innovative real estate technology available, but Don is an expert at creating systems with technology to make more sales

Don & Valerie Keeton

Our office is here to help you build your business. From support, training,

coaching and creative approaches to business development.

Unlike many brokers Don & Valerie don't manage their agents they support their agents 24/7.


What our agents love about our office is they are part of the family.

Training & Coaching

Don is a professional trainer and is a certified coach..


To survive you must have leads and we'll work to help you generate leads.

3 Types of Brokerages

  1. Those that don't give leads.
  2. Those that give leads but charge referral fees.
  3. Those that give you leads and charge you nothing like RE/MAX.

​Since 2006 RE/MAX provided 15 Million leads to approximately 100,000 agents 

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We Help You Make $

Many agents are left out there to generate their own leads, we help you generate business without paying lead portals large fees for a zip code and still compete against 3-4 agents for the lead you paid for (That's Crazy).

Our company website will help you generate more sales!


The Producers 

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