Our Mission

We promise to always be there when our agents need us, and to provide technology, training, and mentoring so they can maximize their level of success.

Don & Valerie Keeton

Our Mission is to help our agents and their family live a successful and abundant life.

I have worked for Don & Valerie for over 20 years, and I would never go anywhere else.  They support me when I need it, and they treat me like family.  I would say you're not joining a broker, you're joining a family.


Rich Bak,

Professional REALTOR

We Guarantee If You Follow Our System, You Will Earn Over $100,000. a Year In Less Than 40 Hours Per Week!

We will train you, coach you, and provide the systems you need at no extra costs, so that you can earn $100,000 or more!

I have been with Don & Valerie ever since I obtained my real estate license about 18 years ago.  They have always taken the position of what's best for their agents.  I like Don because he is always available to train and mentor me when I need it.


Brad Fricke

Broker Associate

Our Vision is to provide a productive and profitable office that inspires, develops, and supports a learning based environment.

I started my career with another broker before meeting Valerie at a training event.  I immediately recognized her commitment and friendship.  I quit my previous broker and joined Don & Valerie over 8 years ago, and I've learned so much from both Don & Valerie.


Jill Karloff

Professional REALTOR


Our Vision

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Our Promise

Our  Goal Is To Help Our Agents Get Better Everyday