The Typical Agents Biggest Mistake Is Choosing A Broker Based On Commission Split!

Split Vs. Sales

A million dollar producer with an average commission of 3% generates $30,000.00 in Gross Commissions.  At a 70% split the agent would keep $21,000.00,  at 80% split they would make $24,000.00, and at a ridiculous 100% split they keep $30,000.00

Assuming an average sales price of $150,000.00 x 3% = $4,500 x 70% = $3,150.00 to the agent, so the difference between 70% & 80% split is 1 sale, and 100% is approximately 3 sales.

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The Producers 

RE/MAX The Producers Maximum Commission Program

 After the Cap is obtained, the sales associate retains 95% of all Commissions Generated.  The Commission Cap is typically achieved at 2.1 Million in production.  Teams are Welcome With a Negotiated CAP.

Agent Recruitment Incentive Provides You a Fixed Income...  Recruit an agent and you keep 25% of the broker side of the commission, after 3 years you get 50%, and after 5 years you get 75% for as long as you and the recruit stays with the RE/MAX The Producers.  This provides you a tremendous residual income for retirement.

Our Marketing Fund Provides You:  You'll receive a Personal Website with IDX Lead Generation |RE/ leads without a  referral fee | RE/MAX Agent to Agent Referrals from across the country | On-Line Training 24/7 | Design Center where you get IMPREV Customized Marketing Material |Automated Personal Brochures, Listing Presentations and Buyer Presentations | Automated Seller Marketing Package, Plus a Single Property Website, Facebook boosted Ad, Property Flyer, Jumbo Postcards, E-Postcard, Virtual Tour on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Video Projects Available, Just imagine the time you’ll save and your seller will love you.

Broker Coaching & Training | Accountability Partner | RE/MAX Radio & Television Ads where everyone knows your name  | RE/MAX Technology |Broker Support 24/7 | Broker Supplied Buyer & Seller Leads | and the power of Team Positioning.

“You’re in Business For Yourself, But Not By Yourself”, You can negotiate commissions, and make business decisions on the spot that benefit you and your clients, resulting in more closed sales for you.