One of the biggest problems with real estate in the lack of having a retirement program, so we decided to implement a program that helps agents build a retirement for themselves.

Here is how it works:  When you recruit an agent then you become their sponsor, and you will receive 25% of the commission from the brokerage split.  For example...  They sell a listing at $200,000.00 and the commission charged is 6% and the payout is 2.4% then the gross commission is 3.6% x $200,000.00 = $7,200.00 minus 5% Franchise Fee = $6,840.00 x 30% to brokerage split = $2,052.00 x 25% to you = $513.00 Passive Income For Retirement.

No Pyramid Scheme Here:  You Sponsor/Recruit and you get a big split of their commission, not crazy split 4-5 levels down that you can't figure out.

Now the really great part! 

  • After your sponsored agent completes their 3rd year anniversary YOU KEEP 50% of the Brokerage Split.
  • After your sponsored agent completes their 5th year anniversary YOU KEEP 75% of the Brokerage Split.

Do the math if you recruit 5 agents you could easily have a $50,000.00 a year passive income

Because of the Value we offer our agent retention is over 15 years +

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